Dola G.

Dola G.

from KS
Story #203
Honestly, I’ve met the Lord over and over throughout my life! I gave my life to Christ at the age of 12, as in I was baptized and accepted Him as Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, fully believing in the trinity. At that time I was told that His Word is a living Word, however, I learned it as I began to live my life in Him.

As a very young girl, I had what was thought to be scarlet fever, my temperature was so high I have scars of the burn marks that were left on the inside of my legs as they were pressed together while sleeping. I remember the nurses placing an ice mattress underneath me to bring my temperature down. At that time people were not recovering from temperatures that stayed that high over a period of time. This is the first time I recall knowing God saved me!

During my young adulthood, I sought God as just a savior, to save me from divorce, from financial challenges and from erroneous decisions. It was during this time that my heart began to come into alignment with His Word. He wanted to be more than my Savior, He called me his daughter, He referred to me as a royal priesthood and He gave His life for sins in my past, present and future. I began to enroll in biblical seminars and classes and through them He showed me more of Him and how I didn’t have to do or be or do anything except be His child and obey His Word. And I do that, not perfectly, but intentionally and His grace and mercy perfects my attempts.

Just when I thought, “I got this relationship with Jesus down”, I found myself without a job for three years and experienced various other difficulties in my life. Throughout those years the Lord provided for me and my family, He did more with $10.00 than I ever did with a full salary! He smoothed the way and aligned me with new Godly relationships, a new job and another opportunity to live for Him to the fullest.

There are many more situations and circumstances that I could recall to tell you about Jesus in my life. All of them have led me from religion to relationship. Religion was following all of the rules (law), thinking more highly of myself and judging others. Relationship is allowing His Word, particularly, in Galatians 5:22-23 to help guide me through the rules (law). The outcome of this journey is bringing me to be more like Him!

Problems over, no but I’m victorious in Him through them all. I just have to let Him handle them.

I pray that God has spoken to your heart, to seek Him and find Him everywhere in your life!