Amanda P.

Amanda P.

from MO
Story #215
While my story may not be as exciting as some of the wonderful stories I've read on here all of our stories are a very important part of who we are

My story started back when I was very young. I was raised in church and accepted Christ at a young age. I have always known that Jesus loved me but I still went through a process of getting to know who He was and that He would never leave me or forsake me.

In our lives we may experience a lot of hurt, disappointments and we also will fail ourselves because we are only human. However, Jesus never fails. He is always waiting with arms wide open. He wants nothing more than to give us a free gift that we can choose to accept or not but He will not force it on us.

As I've grown in my spiritual life I understand more and more what being a child of the King is. He is the image of a perfect parent who wants the best for His children, teaching and instructing them, correcting them when needed and most of all wants to heal broken hearts and bind up wounds.

My prayer is that we open our eyes and hearts to all that He has in store for those who seek and find and who love Him as He first loved us.