Jo B.

Jo B.

from TX
Story #241
Coming To Know 'My' Jesus | Jo. L. Beck

I died, at 7-days-old, from a stroke. Needless to say, I have always known that my life has not ever been my own. I have been a Christian since I was around 3-4 years old. But, it wasn't until 2013 when They became alive in me, which was 4 years after my 2nd deadly stroke in 2009. I had my 49th birthday that year. On my birthday, I prayed, “God, don't let the next 49 years be like the hell of these first 49 years have been.” For the next 1.5 years, God the Father, Jesus the Son, and the Holy Spirit led me through all the pain, shame, and torment, which I had carried for others all my life. I learned how to pray by being mentored by a family friend. She taught me to include the Holy Spirit in my prayers. I was taught how to pray for Their divine favor Will of Love to be done in all circumstances.

Furthermore, I learned how to 'give' all things to Them so that I could not take the situation off the altar once I had placed it there. I pray 'tents' of prayer as well as praying for Their Presences to tangibly manifest in my life so that They can be for me in ways that They've not ever been. Because of prayer, I have come to truly know my God, my Jesus, and my Holy Spirit in a very personal way. They are not just a far-off God, anymore. They are in me, with me, and guiding me. They are my friends, my companions, and my confidants.

They have taken a physically deformed, emotionally dependent, and self-loathing little girl and have transformed me into the 'Jody' that They have always seen me as: Their strong, courageous, compassionate, respectful, intelligent, passionate, playful, loving, encouraging daughter, whom They have called to be a librarian.

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