Dr. Rosaria B.

from NC
Story #242
A train wreck conversion...my life as a lesbian seemed normal. I considered it an enlightened chosen path…I believed I found my real self. What happened in my Catholic training, I believed now that it was all hogwash. The name Jesus, which had rolled off my tongue in a little girl’s prayers had rolled off my back in college and now made me recoil with anger. As a professor of English and women’s studies on the track to becoming a tenured radical I cared about morality, justice and compassion…[watch video]

Rosaria is a former tenured professor of English at Syracuse University. After her conversion to Christianity in 1999, she developed a ministry to college students. She has taught and ministered at Geneva College and is a full-time mother and pastor’s wife, part-time author, and occasional speaker.

Video Credits: Dr. Rosaria Champaign Butterfield Testimony delivered at the 2013 Reformed Presbyterian Theological Seminary’s Biblical Counseling Institute Annual Conference.

You can learn more about Dr. Rosaria here.
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