Michelle H.

Michelle H.

from MO
Story #298
Who am I? It depends on when you ask me what I’ll say. I’m a mom, an artist, a general handyman (handyperson for those who want to be PC), a backyard diagnostician for sick kids, small mechanical problems, general household issues and a philosopher. Most days I say I’m just a housewife.

These things describe who I am by what I do, as most of us do. Who I really am is someone who is defined by those I love and who love me. My relationship with God, his love for me and mine for him, is the one influence in my life that flavors and affects all the other areas of my life. He is my reason I do what I do, the way I do it, whatever it is. The short version of how I met him is I had grown up in a church where we celebrated the main holidays around the life of Christ and we tried to be good people. I called myself a Christian as everyone I knew did. But I didn’t know that He wanted a relationship with me personally, that was the reason Christ died. The thing we celebrated at Easter was the death and resurrection of the Son of God who paid for my way into the kingdom of God. There was never a time I didn’t believe. The missing ingredient was I didn’t recognize my sin, the thing Jesus had to die to pay for, and that I needed forgiveness. It was generic to me. I knew we all had it, sin that is, that was easy enough to believe, I accepted it. I just hadn’t identified with it. That didn’t happen till I realized I had an anger problem that I couldn’t change and I saw how it was affecting others. I asked God to change it for me. That is when my life started changing. It was the beginning baby step in a faith walk. I can’t; You can God, “Help!”

That first step has brought me on a path that has shaped my whole life. I try to make it a habit to follow his teachings, consult him and invite him into every aspect of my life. Sometimes I am more successful than others.

I like people, projects, beauty where ever I can find it, healthy, good food and some not so healthy, reading, growing. (I like the growing aspect after the painful part is over). I like to see progress of whatever source, from eating through the left overs, to seeing my family grow emotionally. - Michelle

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