James S.

James S.

from OR
Story #324
I was joyful at 8 asking Jesus in to my heart. With age there's times in life to re-seek that joy. Like most, there was times I did Not use discernment, I had #misguidedLove yoking myself in bad relationships. I’ve faced homelessness, losing children, betrayal. I’ve made my share of bad decisions as Solomon put it; his wisdom came from learning the hard way Ecclesiastes 1:18. For instance I’ve learned the hard way what misguided love & true love is… Is love giving a crying addict drugs or warning, concern & help?

As I grew older the more i learned #Discernment, & the more #Christianity and #life makes sense. Jesus was nice to all, but he didn't assist despair or sin, he offered hope & chose disciples to yoke with. Out of ALL "religions", Christianity is the ONLY faith where we can’t earn our way to a perfect God. We also should not trample on the grace (Jesus' sacrifice) if we love. Not just out of respect or even for just ourselves but for society. It’s the Only faith that is a #relationship not for any 1 race or any 1 area of the world.

ALL humans; without set #boundaries or #structure can be relatable to parasites over using & abusing all resources animal, mineral, sometimes other humans (emotionally, sexually, financially). There is a evilness among us, we all see. We also see there's light & hope. Which to feed? Evil or light? a daily choice. Life is a trial; can we each share, #contribute more than take? Help save lives physically & spiritually?

#MacroEvolution takes more effort to believe then that you have a purpose... the fine tuning needed for physics to create carbon life is impossible. Comparable to shaking a bag of clock parts until it creates a perfectly timed Rolex before it fuses into nothing. Its why science started reaching for improvable multi-universe theory to up chances. We don’t know how big our galaxy really is let alone our universe.

Sum it up... $, sex & drugs are never satisfied. It’s a Free choice to connect to the vine of life (and stay connected) or decay with the world -John15:5-6

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