Trina A.

Trina A.

from WI
Story #344
My life before Christ placed me as a candidate with a mandate from a life shaped from abuse of every kind, a teenage mom, a single parent, doing drugs, being in prison, living a homosexual lifestyle, angry with this world and with God from what had been dealt to me and homelessness just to name a few. As I can recall at the age of three, the form of abuse began physically and sexually. From the men in my life, that were chosen to honor, respect, and protect me. The abuse affected my emotional, mental, and spiritual state of me as well. In my teenage years, I became a teen mom. Not understanding the responsibility that caring for a child was more than my knowledge would carry me. I was trying to fill in a void for love not knowing that children need me to give them love. I had no concept of what love really entailed. Outwardly, I was warped with only a mere feeling of physical desires that concluded as the expression of love. I was wounded within trying to find love in all the wrong places and conceptions.

I began to use alcohol at a young age. My thoughts were, I finally found something to take away the pain from with-in. Then falling into an alternative illusion I was delivered from homosexuality. Living a life of roulette, never knowing what women’s extremities had the bullet of dead. Never looking at the sexually transmitted disease that carried a life sentence or seen that this alternative illusion was placing me on death row. I was so far in this illusion it became my reality. I was damaged by men that should have protected me, should have loved me, and respected me. This gave me a reason for the illusion to exist within. This illusion gave an image of a false effect from affections that appeared real to my emotional state where I lacked self-control. My low self-esteem was being fueled by the caressing of the flesh by other women. Lust became attractive and lasciviousness crept in as being a love relationship. This alternative illusion took me on a roll coaster of a will that was in total control. It was a mere war within and through lens that was beyond comprehension. It was like my fleshly nature was on a diet desire the same sex mate losing the essence I need for the design I was created. There was no desire for men or were any option of an encounter to this heterosexual design. I was entangled in an emotional web that expresses an outward illusion. I was self-destructing not understanding why I had all these things engraved with-in from the elements that were imposed on me at a young age. There was something growing with-in that in my eyes left me seeking the answer from all these sources. Living a life that was self-destructive and imposing the corruption on everyone in and on my path as I walk this earth in this race we call life.

Now I am at a point trying to understand why God chose me? My personal relationship with Christ began in cell 39 pod-A Milwaukee county jail. I went to a bible study after I enter my cell and ask Christ to be my Lord and savior over my life. After spending 4 1/2 years in prison that I call my spiritual boot camp. I surrender all to Him and it's a journey that never ends. So I grow in my relationship with Him daily. In spite of the obstacle in my life, what is God doing in your life now? I am an overcomer and survivor of many tragedies holding a Bachelor of Arts in Divinity, also have other certification for empowerment and continually pursuing education endeavoring for empowerment. I have a prophetic voice with accuracy and revelatory insight. Called as Chaplin in Milwaukee, Advocating for human trafficking and foster care. I am a servant of Christ Jesus, called to be an apostle and set apart for the Gospel of God to preach and teach the The Kingdom Of God. I am overseer-founder of Collaborative Kingdom Empowerment Ministry.

The stages of my life began before I was born and I found the footprint that was the right size for me. This road will take us on the path of that was prepared for us. Until next time, stay the path, stay focused, committed and in the faith. What a journey worth taking because we were hidden in Christ for His very purpose on a path He designed for us and we call life. We are in a race that is already won but we shall not die but we will live declaring His glory for it’s he that gave us life. Thank You, Jesus!

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