Sam  R.

Sam R.

from TX
Story #365
God has blessed me beyond belief. I have been married 33 plus yrs., to a wonderful man. He has had a hard time the first time being almost five years ago, he was drinking excessively and smoking, but has never been abusive to me or our children. He did stopped smoking and drinking, but about a year ago he was sneaking the beers and I got really mad at him. I said if you choose to start drinking I'm leaving you. Well he did stop. Last year around August he was diagnosed with esophageal cancer, has finished treatment of chemo and radiation and his prognosis is good. If it wasn't for a lot of people praying for him I don't believe he would have made it. I truly believe whole heartedly that prayer definitely saved him and it helped me go through it with him. Prayer in the name of Jesus Christ works. Amen.

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