Danny D.

Danny D.

from MO
Story #403
I was born and raised in Southern Ohio. My home was spiritually divided. My mom, an amazing woman of faith and prayer, taught me about Jesus. My father did not serve the Lord.

At the age of thirteen or fourteen, I stopped believing in God. I really cannot put my finger on why but I just lost faith. There was turmoil in my home, turmoil in the churches I knew, and turmoil in my adolescent mind. I felt like no one, not even God, knew what I was going through or could do anything at all about the circumstances of my life.

At nineteen, my father was diagnosed with brain cancer. Though my dad and I were not close, this news rocked my world. I began to think about eternity. I began to think about the state of my soul. The good news of dad's diagnosis was it drove him into the arms of Christ. Dad gave his lfe to Jesus and a process of reconciliation and restoration began to take place.

At nineteen I met a girl. This girl was a Christian but struggled greatly to live an overcoming life. Her father refused to let us see each other unless I came to church with them. I reluctantly agreed, but God had already been working on my heart and I knew that by going things would never be the same. I also knew this would be the end of my relationship with the girl.

The preacher preached, "Behold the Lamb of God that comes to take away the sin of the world!" I was frozen in my pew - arms crossed, frowning, and trying as hard as I could to resist the calling of the Holy Spirit. The final song was sung. The final prayer was given. The congregation began to go home - but I could not move.

The pastor saw what was happening and came to me. He slid in next to me and said, "Would you like to pray?' I said, "I don't know how!" He simply said, "I will pray with you and God will help us." As the pastor opened his mouth and began to pray floods of tears fell from my eyes. Words of repentance began to flow from my mouth. Loads of sin and hopelessness lifted from my shoulders. I felt clean. I felt loved. I felt new.

That night I was baptized in water and in Spirit. A few weeks later God clearly called me to vocational ministry. Over the last twenty-five years I, along with my family, have served congregations in the United States and in South Africa. There has never been a day of regret. Troubles, yes. Struggles, yes. Painful circumstance, yes. Regret, no!

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