Sherry L.

Sherry L.

from OH
Story #404
I had a terrible childhood. I was abused mentally emotionally, and spiritually by the people that raised me. At the age of ten my grandmother was calling me the devils child, because I started to cut my arms, and I was severely depressed and suicidal with homicidal thoughts. By the time I hit 13 years old, I was into white, and black magick, the cutting didn’t stop, and the thoughts turned into actions when I tried to kill myself the first time. After that I would have tried to commit suicide 13 more time before I was saved. My father would dumb me down; and use guilt trips as a punishment. Always hanging something that I enjoyed doing over my head. I even had a shot to be a singer when I was 16, and he shot that dream down quick. At the age of 13 I had moved on from being wiccan, to being an Atheist. The problem with that is I did believe that something higher than my self was out there, but I could never have reached it without God. Something that I didn’t know about at the time. I started smoking marijuana as a teen, and at 21 for one whole year I was addicted to alcohol, then it moved there from pain killers. I was obviously not living a Godly life at all, and by the time I turned 21 I became a Satanist. I was messed up on drugs, and I was working for a telemarketing Job.

Every Day I went to work I had to pass by two churches, but there was only one church that called out to me, and I heard in my heart, you need to Go to that Church. For three months, I felt that tug of being drawn in. At the time, me and my Aunt were close and she said that she used to be going to 4811 Gorge road when she lived in Tampa. So, she sent me there. It was the same Church God told me to Go to. I heard the Gospel salvation for the 101 time, but this time it was very different, and then I understood that what I was being told by the people that raised me it was all a lie. Then like most people I went astray from the church, it was after I got baptized. For seven years I created my own demise. Then I cried out to God and asked him what he wanted me to do to have a better life and he said God preach.

I asked How am I going to go preach when all know me here, and will not take me seriously? He told me you are like unto Abraham. I am calling you to a place you have not seen. I laughed and the asked how I was going to Get there. He said: you just be ready to Go. That is how I got to where I was from Tampa to Ohio.

Since I have been here in Ohio I have seen God’s face everywhere, I have also seen people that are still searching, and to this Day I walk with Christ, not because I must, but because I know now that I can’t do anything without him. I have a bus ministry where I get on the public busses and meet and greet, and one on one they learn about Jesus, from the spirit through the vessel God gave me. I lost a lot of things, and the most difficult thing has been my kids, but today I am blessed with out measure, and I love him more each day.

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