Rich M.

Rich M.

from MO
Story #405
I was born and raised in a small town in New Jersey. About 36 years ago I gave my heart to the Lord.

I was brought up in the Presbyterian Church where I learned head knowledge about God, Jesus, Heaven, and Hell, but this did not become heart knowledge. I had a fear of dying and not knowing whether I would spend eternity in Heaven or Hell This was the first time I saw the need for Jesus Christ and His eternal life.

While attending the University of Nebraska, a Pastor from the Assemblies of God in Lincoln asked me if I had ever given my heart to the Lord and I told him that I had not. I told him of my fear of dying and that I was not sure where I would spend eternity. He told me that I could know for sure where I would spend eternity. Then I asked him how and what does it take? He said it takes faith. Now being a Science major and Science teacher, and everything being based on fact, faith was not in my vocabulary. This was my biggest obstacle in receiving Jesus Christ...a lack of faith. The Pastor said it takes the same amount of faith that you have to sit on your chair and know it would hold you up and not collapse as it would to accept Jesus Christ. He told me that he would pray with me. This is where I found Jesus Christ and made the decision to invite Him into my heart. When I did this a tremendous peace, and calmness came over me; like fishing on a lake some 3 o'clock in the morning. Then an involuntary shivering of all my muscles happened, making it impossible for me to even write down my name or address.

Eventually, I had control of my muscles again. The Lord proved Himself mightily to me that day and I was all in. I have never looked back since that day. I still have that same peace today, knowing that when I die I will spend eternity in Heaven with Jesus. Every day I experience the Lord's love, mercy, and forgiveness.

You too can experience this and the Lord's peace. You can know where you will spend eternity in Heaven when you die!

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