Vicki P.

Vicki P.

from MO
Story #406
I was born and raised in Independence, MO. The on Christian upbringing I had was during my early childhood.

I asked Jesus into my heart at age seven, while watching a Billy Graham crusade with my then stepmother. I was baptized as a result of a friend telling me she had been baptized and told me that is what you do when you believe in Jesus.

I have always known Jesus was with me even through tumultuous times when my parents were going through divorces during my pre-teen years.

One assurance I have had of Jesus always being with me is that in every season of my life God has put a believer to guide me and to teach me about the Christian life. These believers helped me to grow in my faith - even in times of struggle.

After a long season away from the church, I have come back and even though I know God has forgiven me, stepping back through the doors of the church was very hard for me. I was having a hard time dealing with condemnation on so many levels.

I made the choice to return and get connected to a local church. I feel like I have come full circle in my life and God has blessed me with a husband who makes me feel valuable.

My goal now is to see myself how God sees me - cleansed by the blood of Christ, a part of His bride, and a member of His body.

I tell my story because I want those who have been out of fellowship with the Lord the church to know that God has known us from the time of conception and never gives up on us. No matter how long we try to ignore Him - He never gives up. When we finally turn back to Him, He is there - He is as close as your next breath.

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