Richard D.

from MO
Story #421
God transformed me from an alcoholic teenager with a penchant for girls and a poor self esteem to a pastor and chaplain working with people at the end of their lives.

I interact with people every day who have come face to face with the fact that they are out of time - their life is at its end. One thing always holds true, regardless of what their faith background or lack of it is: They wish they had known then what they know now, or they wish they had acted on it.

I came to Christ at a Dawson McAllister Student conference in 1988. I remember the very moment. You see, my sin had me on a path that was not only destructive, but it was deadly.

The Bible says that our sin, or the wrong things we do or right things we do not do, causes separation from God. And boy was I separated. I was depressed and knew it. I was hopeless and loathed it.

But on that night, I experienced the presence of God and there was such joy. I heard what God did for me - quite simply, he must judge my sin and that penalty is deserving of hell for my sin is completely opposite of who God is and cannot exist in his presence. But rather than judge me and condemn me, the righteous judge made a way for me to be forgiven. He put the penalty for my moral crimes on His own Son, Jesus. All I have to do is accept what HE did for me and believe in Jesus Christ as the Son of God and the payment for my wrong. And accepting that forgiveness means I will want to walk away doing everything in my power to pay him back with my life.

Am I perfect? Not to this day and that was 30 years ago. But I no longer desire to sin. My desire to is to do what God wants of me, and that is how you ran into me today.

As a hospice chaplain, I implore you, do not wait until it is too late to make things right with God. How do you make things right with God?

Admit to God that you need him and that you cannot live the way He wants you to on your own.

Believe in Jesus Christ, God's sacrifice for you as your payment

Confess those sins you have committed to God and trust God to forgive you.

Pray: Father, I know that the wrong things I have done separate me from you. But I know that you loved me enough to send Jesus to take my penalty so that I can be made right with you. I pray that you would come into my life, forgive my sin, and help me to live for you. I pray that you would help me to tell others of your love for them. In Jesus' name, Amen.

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