Candi B.

Candi B.

from KS
Story #432
I am one of thirteen children. We were raised in a “Quote: Christian home” where “spare the rod and spoil the child” was the “golden rule.” I hated church! It was full of jealousy, backbiting, gossiping and lying. We never knew the word “Love” but knew the word “Fear”! As in fear God and fear your parents!

I learned Bible verses and pretended to ask Jesus into my heart, just to get approval. Learned to manipulate to get my way and put up a wall so I would not get hurt.

My goal was to rebel and be the best sinner I could be, that way I was not living a lie!!! Running all those years looking for happiness…. Then God put a man with 3 boys in my life. What a change, but I still rebelled, the good that was there I didn’t want because I didn’t think I deserved it. We watched Charles Stanley’s television ministry and he said, “God loves you…Come to Him just the way you are…!” WOW…He loves me now? I thought I had to change to come to Him because of all the things I had done to Him. So I asked Him to be Lord And Savior of my life!!! :)) I have never regretted that decision and am so Thankful for His GRACE, it is immeasurable!!!

My passion is to minister to little children so they learn it is fun to serve God because He is awesome! I am an answered prayer for many that never stopped praying for my salvation!

I never stop thanking God for all my Blessings:
A wonderful husband, 3 sons, 3 daughters-in-law,
4 grandsons, my brothers and sisters and yes, my parents.
And many, many more.......!

Not the end of my story, Just the beginning….!