Britney M.

Britney M.

from LA
Story #450
My name is Britney. I am from a small town in south Louisiana called Franklin. I was raised in an Assembly of God church. My parents were youth pastors a good portion of my life. However, at age 9 my parents completely stopped going to church and pulled my brother and I away from church as well. Until I was 13 years old I just didn’t want anything to do with God. In my mind if He let my parents down, He would do the same to me.

When I was 12 my cousin invited me to start going back to the same Church I attended when I was a lot younger. Soon I started bringing my younger brother with me to Church as well. However, neither of my parents would even consider stepping into that church again. After about a year of talking with my dad, I finally convinced Him to start attending with us. My mom would still not budge.
However, once again I turned against God and went through a phase of rebelling. From ages 14-16, I was sneaking out of my house and going against everything my parents said. I started hanging around the wrong group of people and got myself into some awful situations. This led to a lot of sin and the loss of trust from my parents. At age 15, I hated my parents. I wanted absolutely nothing to do with them. All of the sin in my life, started stirring up a lot of anxiety and depression.

However, I moved away from everything and started a new life three hours away from my hometown away from my parents. There was a lot of stuff taking place in my life with my family and relationships with other people at this time. One night soon after I moved away, one of my good Christian friends called me and told me that God told her to call me and tell me to put down whatever was in my hand. In that very moment I had a bottle of pills in my hand and I was planning on overdosing to kill myself.

After that night I knew that I needed a relationship with Jesus. I went from relationship to relationship searching for someone to love me and fill the void I had in my life. I kept filling that void with sin and negative relationships. I had a need for love that I was willing to go anywhere and do anything to find. I never had a great relationship with my parents. I was looking for that loving relationship.

God began to work at my heart when the option of going work at summer camp came into question. After considering going for a long time, I believed that God wanted me to go and that great things were going to come from me going. Little did I know I was going to become completely devoted to Christ through this event. Going into this summer I really just wanted to hang out with my friends, but God had more in store. The services I was attending were really speaking to me. I was 16 and there was a alter call for young people who wanted to rededicate their lives to Christ. I did not want to go up to the front by myself, so I asked my best friend who was a Christian already to come to the front with me. As I went to the front I had one of the leaders from a church came up to me and said God told her to tell me to “not be afraid.” That resonated in my heart for a long time after this event.

After I accepted Christ in my life, I felt an overwhelming amount of joy and happiness. I no longer felt depressed or anxious. I went home from that camp with a new outlook at life. I then started going to youth and church services for different reasons other than just to go to hang out with my friends. My home life started to change as God started to use me to minister to my family.

I soon got involved at an amazing Church and became completely devoted to Christ. My entire family started attending Church after years of not going and everyone in my family got involved in ministry once again. Even though growing up, I went through a phase where I couldn’t see my future and all I saw was pain and resentment. God saw a future of my family being restored and me walking in my calling. Now 5 years later, I am attending an amazing Bible College. My calling is to be on the mission field. I now have amazing relationships with my parents and cannot wait to see what the future holds.

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