Christopher S.

Christopher S.

from MO
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Hello there!
If you're reading this, it likely means I gave you my story card with my ID # on it. I'm so glad you decided to check out my story! :)

I was raised in a Christian home, the youngest of six siblings, and took my faith for granted up into my mid teens. I had "prayed the prayer", gone to church my whole life, and although being somewhat of a wild kid, I was a pretty decent, moral child. Around the age of fifteen, I became fed up with just simply believing what I had been told my whole life. I wanted to believe, but I wanted my faith to be *my* own and not just because my parents, pastors, and peers all encouraged me to believe. To my then doubting mind, I viewed this encouragement as pressure. And so, being always the pragmatist, I demanded empirical and historical evidence. After a period of studying and discovering the scientific and historical evidence that overwhelming supported Christianity, I was able to realize my faith in a way I had not understood before.

As I've grown these last five years, I've realized having a relationship with Jesus is much more than simply calling yourself a Christian. While I certainly don't reject being called a Christian, I personally define myself as a follower of Christ. The idea of Christianity should be less about being a religion, and instead, more about being a relationship, which is one of the key factors differing it from any other religion.

How cool is it that God didn't just leave us to fend for ourselves? (Psalm 23)
How cool is it that He not only treats us as His children, but as co-heirs with Christ? (Romans 8:17)
How cool is it that God sent His only Son to die for us so that we can have eternal life? (John 3:16)
Just as God sent His Son to save the world and not condemn them, I want to mirror Christ in the same way. (John 3:17)

Currently, I am serving at my church as a musician and am graduating this year (2018) with a degree in Worship Arts. I desire to dedicate my life to living for and worshiping Christ, and I hope I am able to bring others closer to Him. So long as I have the breath that God gave me, I hope to give it back to Him through my music, my words, and my life.

If you are looking for help, hope, or answers to any questions, I'd be thrilled if you checked out our church. :)