Jeremy L.

Jeremy L.

from KS
Story #499
My story like most people in the church start out like others who were raised in the church. Maybe the problem with that is that you think I have never struggled with anything. Being raised in the church I came to a personal relationship with Jesus Christ at the age of 7. From that point, my life has been a roller coaster ride. I have had my ups and many downs.

As a teenager I was busy living for the world. I knew enough church answers to be dangerous. Which meant that I could keep people at bay since I knew the church answers. I graduated and went to college still to busy living for the world. During college I was acting like a Christian on the outside and full of junk on the inside. Jesus got ahold of my life and God started to confront me with the sin in my life. I spent 4.5 years being discipled by the leader of Cross Quest.

Then after college I was married and moving to Kansas City to attend Seminary. God continued to confront me with the sin in my life. I had finally reached the point I could no longer serve both the God of the Universe and the world. I was no longer ok with the sin in my life. When I came to Christ at the age of 7, God broke the chains of sin in my life. It just took me a while to figure it out. I was working as a Youth Pastor and going to Seminary. God grew me while I was at Seminary.

I have since been called to the Senior Pastor of the church I started as the Youth Pastor. God is continuing to grow me and mold me. Right now God is showing me what faith and trust in Him looks like, instead of worrying about things. I am excited to see where God continues to take me and my family as we walk with Him.

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