Josie C.

Josie C.

from MO
Story #530
I grew up Catholic, knowing nothing different. Right out of college, I got married to a man who was so clearly not my perfect match. It wasn’t right, I see that now, but was blinded then. Things went down a very bad path and after a few years, he left, because of me. Things got worse for me, I was spiraling out of control, totally reckless. I had hurt so many people that I loved so much and didn’t know how to deal with it. I continued on this path for too long.

And then along came Brent, my true soulmate. He pursued me and stuck with me even when I wanted nothing to do with him. I praise God to this day that he never gave up. It took me awhile to realize that he IS my perfect match.

Fastforwarding several years, we are happily married with a whole slew of kids! When we moved to Kansas City about 4 years ago, we naturally joined a Catholic church. It was hard, actually maddening taking our kiddos to church. It was beyond stressful trying to get them to be still and be quiet. We really gave it our best shot and eventually we both stopped going and decided we will try again when the kids are a bit older, and easier. In the meantime, I met my dear friend, Anna. I shared my struggles with going to church with her and she invited me to her church, where the kids when to Sunday school classes! WHAT?!?! I did not know this was even an option, sign me up Anna! So I started going and eventually so did my husband. I started hearing all these terms I never knew, specifically, salvation and grace. I started on a quest to find out what it all meant, I had to know! I would read and Google things and text Anna and try to read the Bible. I was completely and totally overwhelmed by everything I was learning, I couldn’t believe how clueless I really was! During this time, I made another friend from the same church, Lindsey. Lindsey was so kind to me and would answer my crazy questions and we would study the bible together. I finally began to understand what salvation meant and how to get there. At that time, I knew that if I had died, I was pretty sure I wouldn’t make it to heaven. I had lived a pretty ugly life; I stuffed it away into a deep, dark place where I didn’t have to acknowledge any of it. Lindsey explained to me- talk to God and tell him what’s on your heart-HE WILL FORGIVE YOU. So finally, I connected all the pieces and knew what I had to do. I prayed like never before and asked for forgiveness and surrendered my life over to Jesus. The absolute best moment of my life, God saved me. I now know, I am going to heaven.

It wasn’t long after that my husband was saved as well. I can not even begin to explain how God has changed our lives now that we live in obedience. We live every day for Him-this is the Good Life!

I want to share the good news with everyone, if you have questions or want to chat, please contact me!

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