Cameron B.

from KS
Story #544
I don't remember much before I knew God since I was four when I became a Christian. The few weeks before I decided to follow God, my parents would read Bible stories to my brother and I before we went to bed. I would ask them questions about God and they would explain it to me. Once I found out that you had to accept Jesus to become a Christian, I wouldn't stop asking my parents to pray and become a Christian. The reason they didn't pray with me the first few times I asked was because they didn't think I understood the commitment I was getting into. After nagging them enough, they eventually agreed to pray with me. We were driving home from lunch and I asked about becoming a Christian because I felt like I was ready. We had just entered my neighborhood when I asked. They pulled over and prayed with me. After that, I was very excited to say that I was a Christian. Soon after, I got baptized at our church and publicly announced my faith in Jesus Christ. To this day, I stay reading in God's Word and pray to Him daily. Just thinking of God gives me comfort and peace. I currently am strong in my faith and I grow stronger each day. God is my Rock. When I am nervous or in stress, I think of Him and it comforts me in a matter of seconds. Jesus was the best thing that has ever happened to me.

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