Erin  T.

Erin T.

from KS
Story #563
When I was really young my family and I went to church. I remember being so happy every time I went to worship God. But growing up my family started to not go anymore because we were always traveling. The connection between God and I was lost and I didnt think I could ever gain it back. Around 7th & mid 8th grade year, I made some very bad desicions with my life. I just didn’t think anything mattered anymore. I went into a dark stage. The year of 8th grade summer, I was always seeing all of my friends going to church. I knew there was a part of me that was meant for God to fill. I went to church maybe once or twice with a group of friends and I knew I wanted to start going again. Then I went a couple of more times with my neighbors. They are always like a second family too me and it means a lot. I started to grow away again but I always knew one day I would fully reconnect with God. This year I made the decision to start going full time no matter what. I then signed up for church camp for CIY Move. It changed my whole life around. I made new friends that I now call family. The trust between the group of people was unbelievable. One night at the camp I stepped into the light and chose Jesus Christ as my savior. At that very moment I knew that I finally let God fill that hole in my heart. It is tough not talking to my family about their faith because they do not go to church, but they do support me and thats all I need. I have decided to get baptized, I dont know when yet but I know that God is calling me back to him and I cannot wait for that day!