Kelsey M.

Kelsey M.

from MO
Story #570
I grew up in a Christian home in a family who loved Jesus! When I turned 8, I was baptized and a very determined little girl to live like Jesus and make Him known.

Flash forward to my years as a teenager entering High School and College - my mission as a 8 year old became more and more difficult. I felt myself drifting away from God. I still prayed but my prayers became circumstantial, only praying when I needed something...

Thinking back, it’s very humbling to see just how much God loves me. He placed a few integral people in my life that helped redirect my priorities. It all started with a simple invitation to church, women’s bible study, a hangout, and life group. I am forever grateful that I said “yes” when I could have said “no.” I realized that it isn’t about me and “my” plan. It’s about God and His son Jesus who gave His one and only LIFE for you and me. We have all sinned and fall short of the glory of God. But because of Jesus we can have eternal life living in Heaven!

If you are reading my story, I just invite and encourage you to say “yes!” to Jesus. Say “yes” to eternal life and trusting in God’s plan. God’s love never fails. ❤️

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