Kimberlee A.

Kimberlee A.

from MO
Story #591
I have grown up in the church. A minimum of 3 times a week. I loved my hometown, Church. The Church Family at Sedalia, First Baptist Church started the seed of the type of Christian I am today. Once I graduated High School and went to College. I left the church for awhile. In my head I thought, I have had all the churching I need. I know the Bible, I know God. Boy was I wrong. I still Loved and Believed in God. Now this isn’t just a made up story, This is all 100% true. I had some good times, but they were hollow, empty. My life kept taking one wrong turn after another. The One and Only reason for this. It was my way Not God’s way. I didn’t turn to him for guidance I didn’t seek His help in crisis. I thought I could do it all on my own. No I couldn’t.

About 3 years ago I was buying my first home. Being a Single Mom, I was scared out of my mind but, I looked an realty sites traveled all over. Then for some strange reason I was checking on Facebook and had never check there before. The First House I came upon was it. The perfect little place for my son and I. But, I wasn’t ready in may head. I had not saved up money or done any of the things I was supposed to before buying a home. Well, i went and saw it and fell in love. But, Explained to the realtor I just was’t quite ready to make a move yet.He said come to my office and we will see what we can do. I did they check over everything and you are good to go for a Loan on the house, and as a early Christmas present your inspection has been taken care of! i was being lead to buy this house. After move in weekend, I had a feeling that I wanted to check out the churches in the area.There were several for a small town.

I saw the one that was out of a school and thought that is strange. But, I will give it a shot. I showed up that next Sunday and walked in. People were friendly and seemed very happy I had came. I walked into the Gym where the servic was being held. I looked at the stage, The Praise band was playing. As I sat down, I looked at the stage and there was a friend that I used to sing in my home Youth Church Choir. I was very happy to see her. But, then I felt God say in my heart, Welcome to your new home. Then my friend after the service came over and Said, we are needing more girls to sing in our Praise Band. I joined and I love singing to God. We I sang for the first time with the Praise band I was hooked, I could hear and feel everyone’s emotions as we Praised God. I have not turned back, and instead I am moving forward, My son has Accept Christ, I have joined a life group recently! In all of my Life I have never been closer to God and I look forward to what the next chapter is in store for My Son’s and My Journey with God.

One thing I know, My life is much better having Jesus at the Center of it all!

God has helped guide me to my home, helped guide me to find my Church and now, I have given God all the power to guide me through the rest of my life. I have turned my Life back over to God and given it to Him fully to use me and my story as a Witness for Him.

I hope you find the type of peace, hope, love and Joy that only God can provide you. If you are like me please, it’s never too late to turn or Back to God.

I pray that We continue to grow in your grace God. Amen.

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