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JD Asbell is a distinguished leader in business and the president of We Buy Ugly Houses, Cityscape Properties. He and his family own multiple businesses and are leaders in the real estate marketplace.

But there was a time when he was married to corporate America. Traveling the world, flying first class, chasing the American dream and his marriage to his wife was falling apart.

All he wanted was to attend his kids events and be their baseball coach.

In this IShareHope story, JD Asbell shares how he came to faith in Jesus Christ at 33.

Through his straight forward dialogue, JD offers insight to anyone wanting to mend a broken marriage, be more effective as a leader, and live life to the fullest as a follower of Jesus Christ.

One key point JD unveils for those who truly want to grow, do and be more is to be transparent.

You must engage. This means inviting trusted Christians into your life and allowing them to speak openly and honestly to you.
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