Rita T.

Rita T.

from MO
Story #656
I met Jesus on the bathroom floor of my childhood home as a damaged, scared, desperate 10 year old little girl. I had learned about Jesus at a church VBS, to which a kind neighborhood family had invited my sisters and me, but I didn't understand Who He really was until that night.

I have known true brokenness and devastating abuse as a child, which left me confused and convinced that I was completely unlovable. Even by God. Abuse left me with damaged relationships, deep insecurities, and shame. Such shame, the kind that is debilitating, the kind that I knew made me unlovable. At 10 years old, I thought I was unlovable.

Something happened that night, something that made my feet take me into the bathroom, and my fingers to lock the door. And I prayed. I prayed that Jesus would please be Who they said He was. Please be God. I asked Him to show me so that I would KNOW that He is God, and He did. He revealed Himself to me that night in a way that only He can, and He stayed with me, and I accepted Jesus as my savior that night. He saved me in more ways than one.

That was 38 years ago, and although I have had many problems, and made many mistakes, and wandered a fair distance away, I have never doubted Who Jesus is and He has never stopped pursuing me, even when I thought He should. Though I am a sinful person, I know that I will one day meet Jesus face to face, and that is where my security is. Although my emotions try to convince me that I am unlovable and unloved, I put my hope in His Word always.

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