Charles S.

Charles S.

from MO
Story #670
How did I come to know God and his Son, Jesus the Christ, is a testimony that started many years ago. From an early age, I had always been in church but the church had not always been in me. My brothers and I would attend church only on Easter Services and Christmas Services; I don’t know why, I guess it was for the Easter eggs and the candy.

Then one Easter Service, the pastor singled me out, why me, I still don’t know but he ask; “why do you attend church only on Easter and Christmas?” I cannot remember my answer, if I even answered, but I found out someone has been watching me.

I’m reminded of John 1:48 when Nathanael ask the Lord; “how do you know me?” and Jesus responded; “I saw you while you were still under the fig tree before Philip called you.” That lets me know that even though I was attending God’s house just twice a year, God still saw me and he knew who I was.

As I grew older and I learned for myself who God is and how he was ordering my steps, my life changed. God paired me with a woman that knew the Lord also and I can joyfully say we are enjoying 47 years of marriage this year. God didn’t stop there for he blessed us with four beautiful daughters that loved God also. All my life God was preparing me for something that I knew not what it was.

As God opened my eyes and I started to see him for who he is; God started to open the scriptures to me where I could witness to others and can share unbelievable testimonies of the things God has brought me through; two years in the military overseas, twenty-four years as a patrol officer for the Kansas City, Mo. Police Department and was able to retire, being shot at but God guided the bullet around.

Then in September of 2018, God placed me as the pastor of a church I have been a member of since that embarrassing moment years ago. Now I know what God was preparing me for. He showed me things about his house that we are currently improving and with his guidance, it will come to pass.

To those that are looking for God, just know he is not lost. He has been there all the time.

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