Mandy K.

Mandy K.

from KS
Story #672
I was born in Samastuphur, Bombay, India. My birth name is Hilda Ann Noel. My family emigrated 3 generations ago from several countries, England, Ireland, Spain. We were considered Anglo Indian's which was looked down upon in India.

My mother died from TB. I was 2 years old. My dad remarried , her name was Rose and they had two daughters, I've never met them, they now live in Australia. My dad took me to England when I was about 5 years old. Most of them had immigrated to England.

Rose would not leave her mother, so she remained in India with the girls. Dad dropped me of to lives with relatives, after he ran out of relatives, dad had me live with friends, when he ran out of friends, he tried to get me adopted, when that didn't work he put me in a children's home and gave up all his authority over me. I hardly ever saw my dad from 5 to 11 years when he put me in the children's home

I had moved over 12 times in those years. I never remember being angry or bitter, I don't think I understood what was going on with my life, I just accepted what ever happened next. Many things happened in my life but I won’t go into that now. I was raised as a Catholic I went to Catholic schools and attended Catechism classes, but never taught about GOD or JESUS or that I was lost and going to hell. Looking back GOD was with me all thru my Gypsy life.

I left the children's home when I was 16 years old, I was sent to a working girls home. I was living on my own at age 17 years I moved to London, and shared a room with another girls from Australia, I met 2 sisters also living in this bed and breakfast house, that was when GOD used these girls to rename me, they said I looked like a Mandy, so I took the name from then on. I was 17 almost 18.

I met my husband to be he was in the USA Navy, we got engaged, then I came to America in 1970 at age 19. We got married, had 2 beautiful children, during the 4 years of marriage my husband showed me what an alcoholic looked like, he tried to kill me at least 4 times, I don't remember how I got to this church when they heard about the abuse I was in they helped me get a divorce, I still had not hear about Jesus.

The people in the church helped me get an apartment and a job, but still never told me about Jesus, I was even taken to an abortion clinic a year later but still never knew I was lost and going to hell, no Jesus yet. I lived with the same Gypsy lifestyle as in England. I had no idea what love was. I also was not able to get close to people easily.

Well, GOD had a wonderful plan for me. I started working at Jackson County Courthouse, while working there I had a supervisor by the name of Stan Molder, I never had an interaction with him, but this one morning he came over to my desk which surprised me, and asked if I was ok, I told him yes but really I wasn't. I had an argument with my boyfriend, Stan asked me if I would like to talk, I said yes, I followed him to the conference room he had a book with him, I was not afraid, we sat and talked he let me talk and he listened.

Stan was very soft spoken and easy mannerism. He started to open his book and share GOD's LOVE for me and about His Son JESUS and HIS LOVE for me and HIS forgiveness, I had never heard about JESUS or that I was LOVED by GOD or that I was a sinner, Stan asked me do you want to pray and ask JESUS to come into your heart and receive HIS forgiveness, I was so drawn to the fact that GOD LOVED me! I said yes and prayed to JESUS. This was 1977.

Stan gave me a Bible the next day and continued to encourage me to learn about JESUS. He took me to his Church. I started to learn about my sinful ways when I was sitting in a bar by myself while sitting there I suddenly felt uncomfortable and felt this voice say to me GOD does not want this in your life, I left.

The LORD of my life had HIS work cut out for HIM with me I had sooo much world in me that your hair would have stood straight up if you knew all the demonic influence over me. I have been set free from so much sin in my life that I still cry over my Savior's love for me.

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