Andrew S.

from TN
Story #700
If you're reading this, I came in contact with you somehow, and I would love to tell you my story...

I was blessed to grow up in a christian family. I thought, however, that being in a christian family meant that I was a christian. I was just trying to be good so that nobody would be mad at me. It was when my best friend became a Christian that I realized for the first time that it took an active step of obedience on my part to be a christian. So, a few days later, with the help of my parents, I prayed to receive Christ as my lord and savior in my bedroom at home. Since then I've gone through dry periods where I wasn't actively seeking Christ, and I've experienced times of great personal revival in my life as well. But regardless of how I was pursuing Him, he has always pursued me, and he has always been there for me, do protect me, to discipline me, to convict me, to love me, and to guide me.

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