Haddie  R.

Haddie R.

from TN
Story #705
I was adopted in Guatemala from my biological Mother right when I was born ,during the time my parents now were filling out lots of paperwork I was being taken care of poorly by the people who were taking care of me until my parents got me . I had never had milk instead watered coffee,I slept on hard floors and gotten chicken pox with poor treatments. The time came when my parents picked me up when I was 18 months old the workers gave them all my belongings which wasn’t much but basically the cloths I wore which didn’t fit me and shoes that were also small after all that I just didn’t really trust anyone because I never experienced love so growing up I would rebel and still not trust my loving parents since I didn’t quite figure out what that meant to be loved .As years went by the rebellion kept on but I began to start to trust my parents and feel their love that they have for me .I was homeschooled and still homeschooled with Abeka video teachers ,I memorized verses and listened to bible stories and not until the age of 7 I began understand what it meant to be saved ,one day after bible class I really felt in my heart that I need to be saved so that day I got saved and it was a joyful day.I was a young Christian and was bold in my sharing the Gospel,I was at Lifetime Fitness daycare and there was this girl who was my friend I talk to her about Christ and that day she got saved,I shared verses with kids most didn’t care,but one day when I was 10 I was just sharing a few things and my friend he was really interested in hearing about it he didn’t get saved but at least I planted some seeds ,his sister did not like it though.I always thought it was gonna be like the missionaries were a lot of people get save but I had never experienced the hard trials yet.Now I am 13 years old and I absolutely love my parents and trust them ,I love Jesus with all my heart and I’m getting better at understanding things that I didn’t understand before ,I’m starting my first year of reading the Bible in a year and it’s absolutely amazing,stories I haven’t heard before ,new scriptures that I love , and Encouraging words I need that day.
God has done so many amazing things in my life And I’m so thankful what he’s put in my life the hard times and the good times ,it all adds up to one perfect story.I have learned better that when upcoming events come up that aren’t what I expected Gods got it all planned for a purpose, His purpose.

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